Referral Commission

What is Referral Commission?

Most of the businesses choose different kinds of advertising with huge costs in order to promote their activities.

In TopBit.Biz, we decide to cost our advertising budget for our Loyal investors.

it means that we offer our investors or our users who even don't deposit, to give them Commission instead of their family or friends investment.(without decreasing it from the investors' deposit)

When you register in TopBit.Biz website, an exclusive Link is created for you to introduce us to others and get Commission for their investments.

You can see this link on the top of your account pages.

Important Notice:

In, Each Investor can only have one account with one ip.
Our system checks the ips several times during a day and if we understand that one ip has two or more accounts we have the right to block all the accounts related to that ip.

Referral Commission Plan

In addition to investment, In TopBit.Biz, You can earn money without any investment by registration and inviting others to make an investment in one of our plans with your exclusive referral link and you will earn commission for their deposits in the same currency they make deposit.

  • 3%

    Level A
  • 2%

    Level B
  • 1%

    Level C

When you make deposit with one currency, You will earn your profit in the same currency. You can withdraw your daily profit in the same currency you have made deposit. You earn referral commission in the same currency that your referral has made deposit.

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