Investment Plans

How we give Profit to our Investors.

In TopBit.Biz, we crowdfund the budget we need for our trades from the small investments.We combine these small amounts into a huge budget and trade with this budget by our professional traders, therefore we earn Money and share it with our investors regarding to the amount they have deposited.

The Best Investment PLan of 2021 :

In TopBit.Biz we minimize the risk of international online investments by a good reasonable profit Forever and the permission to End the contract and return the principal as soon as you want in Silver Plan.

Important Notice :

In, Each Investor can only have one account with one ip.
Our system checks the ips several times during a day and if we understand that one ip has two or more accounts we have the right to block all the accounts related to that ip.

Investment Plans

- you can withdraw your profit every day
- In Gold Plan, The principal is included in the daily profit.
- In Silver Plan, The principal is withdrawable any time - 25%

Investment Plans

Gold Plan : (Capital is included in daily profit)
in Gold Plan you earn 2 % to 3.5 % Daily Profit Forever.
Silver Plan : (Capital return any time - 25% fee)
in Silver Plan you earn 1 % to 2.5 % Daily Profit Forever.


All TopBit.Biz withdrawals are Manual up to 24 hours.
Don't forget that Instant withdrawal is much more convenient for us but they are manual just for the security of your deposits in order not to be hacked.

When you make deposit with one currency, You will earn your profit in the same currency. You can withdraw your daily profit in the same currency you have made deposit. You earn referral commission in the same currency that your referral has made deposit.

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